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    150ZJ-I-A65 Horizontal Slurry Pump

    Size: 150mm
    Capacity: 150-600m3/h
    Head: 17-76m
    Handing solids: Max.48mm
    Concentration: ≤70%
    Power: 75-200kW
    Materials: Hyper chrome alloy etc.
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    150ZJ-I-A65 Horizontal Slurry Pump is a new generation of centrifugal slurry pumps based on modern hydromechanics and mechanics theories, ZJ series slurry pumps are designed for heavy duty high head applications like ash removal in power plants and mining tailing, oil lubrication with water-cooling design makes the bearings always working at  lower  temperature, direct connected drive are always optional by trimming impeller to appropriate diameter and to get performance just in need, save the cost for variable-frequency motor. Specially designed liners and impellers structure help pump get higher efficiency and high head.

    Design Features:

    √ Single stage, single suction, overhang shaft, centrifugal, double casing, hard metal horizontal slurry pump design.
    √ Base - A single piece base with integrated adjustment mechanism for impeller clearance within pump, bearing assembly locks into base using six or eight heavy-duty bolts.
    √ Bearing assembly - all bearings assembled with highest quality tapered roller bearings in controlled environments to prevent lubricant and housing contamination, oversized shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wetted end contribute to long life and reliability in the field
    √ Impeller - hard metal impeller, pump out vanes on rear and front reduce recirculation within pump, and aid in preventing seal contamination, optional castings of straight or semi-Francis vanes offer wider hydraulic options in single sizes
    √ Liners - heavy-duty hard metal liner, active engineered attachment mechanism to casing via threaded bolts as opposed to unreliable glue
    √ Throatbush - adjustable via cotters to account for wear over time and increase efficiency
    √ Expeller seal combined with packing seal and mechanical seal have been adopted to guarantee the slurry from leakage.

    150ZJ-A65 High Efficient Slurry Pump Performance Parameters:


    Power P


    Capacity Q


    Head H


    Speed n


    Eff. η




    Max. Particles













    Tobee® 150ZJ High Head Slurry Pumps Applications:

    ZJ Heavy Duty Slurry Pump are also known as Centrifugal horizontal slurry pumps, High efficient slurry pumps, AH slurry pumps, mining sand pumps, Silica sand slurry pumps, Minerals processing slurry pumps, De-Watering Screen Pump, Ore sand pumps, Tailings Pump, Pipe-jacking slurry pumps, Ball mill discharge Pump, Tunneling slurry pumps, Mixing tank slurry Pump, Wet crushers slurry pumps, SAG mill discharge pumps, Ball mill discharge pumps, Rod mill discharge slurry pumps, Ni acid slurry pumps, Coarse sand pumps, Coarse tailings pumps, Phosphate matrix slurry pumps, Scrubber slurry Pump, Minerals concentrate pumps, Heavy media slurry pumps, Dredging Sand slurry pumps, Bottom ash slurry pumps, Fly ash pumps, Lime grinding pumps, Screen feed Pump, Oil sands pumps, Mineral Sands pumps, Fine tailings pumps, Tailings booster Pump, Thickner Tailings Pump, Process recycle Pump, Pipeline transfer pumps, Phosphoric acid slurry pumps, Coal slurry pumps, Flotation pumps etc.