• WN600 Suction Dredge Pump
  • 24 inch Cutter Suction Dredge Pump

    WN600 Suction Dredge Pump

    Inlet: 660mm
    Outlet: 600mm
    Capacity: 5000-9000m3/h
    Head: 55-80m
    Speed: 280-420r/min
    Max. Particles: 220mm
    Materials: High chrome alloy
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    WN600 Suction Dredge Pump is a new type dredging pump, aiming to China's river, lake and sea situation, they haven't been repaired for many years and now they are in great need to dredge and fill hydraulically. The dredging pump has characteristic features: easy installation, long-life service, high efficiency, reliable bearing lining and good economical efficiency etc. This type of pump can meet dredger's requirements completely and each set of dredging pump has passed the inspection issued by ISO.

    Design Features:

    √ The whole construction is suitable for dredgers.
    √ Reliable and simple structure.
    √ Easy Disassembly and Installation, Convenient Maintenance.
    √ Good NPSH performance.
    √ Excellent Ant-wear Performance, Long Service of Wet Parts.
    √ A little Hydraulic Loss, High Efficiency, Low Consumption.
    √ Reliable shaft sealing without leakage.
    √ WN600 dredge pump has wide flow channel, which is designed for high density and lower abrasive slurry.

    WN600 Suction Dredge Pump Applications:


    WN600 suction dredge pumps are widely suitable for  Dredging, Mining, Sand reclamation, Filling sands, Sand Excavation,Hydraulic fill sand, Sea reclamation, Reclamation works, Damming, Ash handing, Waste sludge,Coarse sand, Lime mud, Coal prep,Construction, Power Plant, Potash Fertilizer Plant and Other industries delivering abrasive, high density slurries.

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