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    WN700 CSD Dredge Pump

    Inlet: 760mm
    Outlet: 700mm
    Capacity: 8000-12000m3/h
    Head: 60-85m
    Speed: 280-380r/min
    Max. Particles: 280mm
    Materials: High chrome alloy
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    WN700 CSD Dredge Pump is a kindly of special pump used for cutter suction dredger, hopper suction dredger or offshore dredging platform etc. It is double casings, single stage cantilevered centrifugal dredge pump structure. WN700 dredge pump is equipped with frame and lubrication is force thin oil. The design of double casing the pump working till the volute liner almost worn down and guarantee no leakage when volute liner is worn down.

    Design Features:

    √ WN700 dredge pumps are of single stage, single suction, horizontal structure. According to discharging pressure, The WN700 dredge pump is double casing pump. 
    √ Double casing design enhances the safety reliability. If volute liner is getting close to being worn out, or split, there will be no water leakage inside pump house. The WN700 dredge pumps can be work under water. The submerging depth can meet different requirements. Bearings use famous domestic or foreign brands. WN700 dredge pump has long trouble free working time. 
    √ WN700 dredge pump uses front dismantling structure, and is easy to stall, disassemble and repair. Different components have special dismantling tools.
    √ WN700 dredge pump adopts standard screw thread for the connection of impeller and shaft, and equipped with removing of piston ring for the ease of assembling the impeller.

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